Xerk Media is a New York City based media production company, specializing in small, high quality projects. From fundraising campaign videos to actor's headshots, we can make your project happen.

Xerk Media's focus is on storytelling, for stories engage people in a deeper way than mere visuals or announcement. They invite their audience to participate. While not every project may seem exactly like a story, they should take the audience on a journey to engage and absorb the presented information. Every element, from music to motion graphics, serves to communicate your message.

Hot Off the Ivories: Words of Love

EnoB Promo Video

Spandex: The Musical Trailer

Startup Revealed: Cheek'd (Ep.1)

Come Alive. Wear Color.

Spandex: The Musical (Crowdsourcing Video)

An enthusiastic cast of spandex-clad dancers and a ridiculously funny creative team (also in spandex) made this video so much fun to make. Can't wait to see the real Off-Broadway production!

Jubilee Face Painting

A short face painting journey, observing Julia transforming herself into something spectacular. Promotional video for Jubilee Face Painting.


Need New Headshots?

Headshot packages starting at $150.

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