PacificRim Identity

Pacific Rim Code Services needed a logo that conveyed a global feel as well a firm structure. The color green was requested to give emphasis on green building techniques.

LBIM Identity





A logo for LB International Mission incorporates its global reach to Africa and Asia as well as the light it brings to unreached people groups.

High School Branding

This project was for a new alternative high school being created with four distinct schools within the larger school. Each school needed their own identity as well as a commonality with the overall community. The green and gold colors and the mascot (The Charger with a lightning bolt lance) were pre-selected. I used the lightning bolt motif from the logo to unite the seals of each of the four schools, while giving them each their own logo and color.

Cafe del Rio Identity

Bergsagel Construction Identity

This small custom home construction company required a logo that was bold and promised safety and security. The abstract outline of the roof implies shelter from danger in a minimalistic yet easily recognizable logo.

Kavara Identity