Spandex: The Musical Trailer

EnoB Promo Video

Hot Off the Ivories: Words of Love

Startup Revealed: Cheek'd (Ep.1)

Good Friends

From the series Hot Off the Ivories with music and lyrics by Joey Contreras and featuring Phoebe Strole, this video premiered exclusively on

Spandex: The Musical (Crowdsourcing Video)

An enthusiastic cast of spandex-clad dancers and a ridiculously funny creative team (also in spandex) made this video so much fun to make. Can't wait to see the real Off-Broadway production!

The Tin (Kickstarter Video)

A Kickstarter video to raise funds for a twenty-minute musical production.

Come Alive. Wear Color.

Jubilee Face Painting

A short face painting journey, observing Julia transforming herself into something spectacular. Promotional video for Jubilee Face Painting.

The Glimpse Project: Taiwan

This is a promotional preview for an eleven episode DVD documentary on LBIM's work in Taiwan. The full documentary is 55 minutes in length. Similar projects were produced by Xerk Media in Japan (2007) and Chad (2008).

Sixth Day Dance

This Seattle area dance company uses this video to promote dance concerts and communicate their vision in fundraising campaigns



Cambridge University Press
(in assoc. with the Discovery Channel)

Collaborative Development
and Productions
NYU Tisch, NYC

Hauge & Hassain, Inc., Seattle, WA

Innovative Bridges, NYC

Jubilee Facepainting, NYC

LB International Mission

Michelle F. Thomas, NYC

Morrison Academy, Taichung, Taiwan

Nick Myers Productions, NYC

OMF International

The Portuguese Circle, NYC

Sixth Day Dance, Seattle, WA

Small Production Company, NYC

Spandex: The Musical, NYC

Tracy Matthews
Jewelry Designer, NYC

Young Democrats of America